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Our Bar-B-Q is slow cooked over a Hickory log fire in our custom built pits. This method of cooking imparts a distinctive flavor to our beef, chicken, mutton, pork, and ribs. Real Bar-B-Q, according to government standards, must be cooked to lose at least 30% of its original weight. This can be done in many ways, but the only way we do it is with our slow cook method, our pit cooks dipping (basting) each piece several times during the process. We don�t even put sauce on our meats until after it�s cooked. Most places are afraid to let their Bar-B-Q be tasted unless its swimming in sauce. (At the restaurant, you put the sauce on at the table.) Our Burgoo is a thick hearty soup made with lots of mutton, beef, chicken, and vegetables. A perfect accompaniment with Bar-B-Q that has its roots far back in time. In this part of the country, early settlers made a stew that consisted of any meats and vegetables available. That often meant game meat such as deer, squirrel, raccoon, rabbit or quail. As time passed, each cook fine tuned his or her recipe by adding special ingredients that made their Burgoo the �best�. Burgoo is a traditional menu item at historic racetracks such as Churchill Downs and Keeneland. The first Saturday in May, cooks all around Kentucky get started on this Derby Day Tradition. Burgoo is part of the Church Picnic Fare in all of Western Kentucky throughout the summer. Plan to come to Owensboro the second weekend in May to experience the best Bar-B-Q and Burgoo in the world with 60,000 of your newest friends at The International Bar-B-Q Festival, truly a sight you must see to believe.

Best Tasting Barbecue Sauce Over the Tastiest Barbecued Meats!

When you are visiting Owensboro: �The Bar-B-Q Capital of The World,� don�t forget to stop by to say hi! Our meats are slow cooked over a hickory log fire and basted with our vinegar based pit dip. This imparts the flavor that Moonlite is famous for.


Tra · di · tion (tre dish´ shen) 1. the handing down orally of stories, beliefs, customs, etc. from generation to generation 2. a long-established custom or practice that has the effect of an unwritten law

The Moonlite Bar-B-Q Tradition: Barbecuing for over 40 years

(February, 1963) Catherine and Pappy Bosley bought the Moonlite for $50,000 from Sonnie and Sadie Bertram and J.C. & Betty Stinson.  The Bosley's used the 5,000 dollar profit from selling their house to make the down payment, moved in with Catherine's mother and entered the restaurant business with no experience, and little formal education.  Then, the Moonlite was a fourteen year old barbecue joint with 30 seats including stools at the counter.  He was 48 and she 42, they had five children.  

People often ask what led up to buying the Moonlite - 

Pappy drove a cab for Veterans Cab Company, and worked at Fleischman's Distillery.  Catherine was a foreman at Glenmore Distillery.  It was Pappy's layoff from Fleischman's that caused them to reexamine their opportunities.  The owners of Moonlite were ready to sell, as they were looking to retire.  The restaurant had been around then for 14 years and was well known to the Bosley's being near Catherine's mother's house.  Their five children grew up working next door to the Moonlite at the Big Dipper (a local hamburger joint), 

Over the last thirty-five plus years, Moonlite Bar-B-Q has grown into a very special business. In this time of large chains and merged companies Moonlite has grown as a family business. Hugh and Catherine, along with four children and several grandchildren work together to keep things going and growing at a slow, steady rate that now requires a staff of over 120 dedicated members working various facets of the business. These areas now include a 350 seat restaurant, a U.S.D.A. inspected processing plant, an extensive catering department (capable of serving 15 to 15,000 with unparalleled quality and professionalism), a wholesale division serving the region with Barbecue and related products through distributors in a four state area, as well as a busy carryout department. All this from a thirty seat, roadside restaurant in 1963.

Catherine kept her job at Glenmore until retiring just in case they didn't make it in the restaurant business�They had no experience but worked hard.  Late in her life before she passed away, she finally claimed that Moonlite just might make it, but I should keep my options open just in case - Pat Bosley grandson.

Our Famous Barbecue Ribs, Mutton, Burgoo Soup & Country Ham

Moonlite is famous for barbecue Mutton, Burgoo Soup, and Country Ham. We are pleased to make available to you, these, and our other �most wanted� items for yourself and for all your gift giving needs. Our online store is just a click away.