What are 2-¾ Fryer Chickens?

by admin on January 27, 2012

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BBQ Meats: What are 2-¾ Fryer Chickens?

Fryer chickens, sometimes called broiler chickens, don’t have to be fried – or broiled, for that matter. This might shock you, but we actually recommend barbecuing them.

A fryer chicken is any chicken between 7-13 weeks old. That’s young for a chicken, which means fryer chickens are especially tender and juicy. They barbecue more easily without getting tough, and the meat falls off the bone just the way it should. Generally, fryer chickens weigh between 1-½ and 4 pounds, but we personally recommend 2-¾ fryer chickens for barbecuing. That’s just the right size to let the smoking process do its work without risking the meat drying out.

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